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I don’t like the merchandise with the old pictures on.

- Liam Payne, speaking all of our feelings. (via truthtattoos)







does anyone else accidentally stare at a boys penis when hes wearing pants

me but it’s never an accident


yep, I’m just like, how can you hide a penis there? like where does it go?

it’s not even in a sexual way, i’m just like, how does it fit in there? is it uncomfortable?

We’re concerned.

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Scott Mills meets One Direction
BBC Radio 1

[Audio] Full - The boys interview with Scott Mills at Radio 1’s Big Weekend

Part 1 Q: How was the set? Q: Do you sometimes when you’re on stage forget which country you’re in? Q: What is left to achieve? Q: What’s the worst bit of merch you’ve seen? Q: What gets you up in the morning? Is it music, is it money, is it girls? Q: Does your security do your washing? 

Part 2 Q: Who’s the Gary Barlow of the band? Q: Who’s the Robbie Williams of the band? Q: Do you feel like you’ve missed out on anything being in One Direction? Q: Does it ever get annoying? Q: I noticed on Twitter sometimes you do get a lack of sleep when you’re in a hotel, what’s that like?

Part 3 Q: Chris Martin said to Zayn on Radio 1 that you were brilliant, how do you react to that? Q: Harry, did they give you advice about being in a band, sticking together? Q: What did you think would happen after X Factor? Q: What’s the best advice a fellow artist has given you? Q: How does being in 1D effect your family?

Part 4 Q: How is the new album gonna be different? Q: Harry you’ve been writing a song with kodaline, is it on the album? Q: Zayn, have you been working with Naughty Boy? Have you been to his house? Are you rapping? Q: Is it the album quite rock based or variety? Q: How do you respond to critics that say your music only appeals to teenage girls? Q: Can you see yourself expanding to a new fanbase with this new album? Q: Do you spot the angry people in the crowd?

Part 5 Q: Do you have a love/hate relationship with Facebook/Twitter? Q: Have you ever regretted a tweet or told to take one down? So you never delete them after? What have you been told to take down? Q: What would you change about social media? Is there something you really don’t like about it? Q: As a kid if you had a Twitter, who would you like to receive a tweet fro? Q: Who have you been most surprised by that’s reached out to you as a mate in the industry? Q: Since you’ve been in the band, what has been your most extravagant purchase? Aside from houses, art? Q: How do you avoid being spotted when you really don’t want to?

Part 6 Q: What’s your favorite memory of being on Radio 1? Q: Did you get in trouble for thanking Radio 1 at the Brit Awards when it was supposed to be the commercial station? Q: What advice would you give yourself looking back over the last four years? Q: When do you feel most happy?

Part 7 Q: Is there any of your songs you’re not keen on now? Q: Is there anything in this interview that you wanna set straight?








May 9


Harry: *tells joke* *explains joke* *apologizes*

May 9


why do shampoo bottles weigh hardly anything but when you drop them in the shower they turn into a meteor

May 9

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May 9


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May 9


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